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Tim McNamara

Photo of TimTim is from the suburban Chicago area. Wanting to play guitar from childhood, he first studied cello in grade school for several years (it was the closest thing to a guitar that the school offered) He took up studying the guitar his junior year in college with jazz guitarist Bill Ebert, continuing his studies for another four years after graduating from college. He considers himself permanently in debt to Bill for the gift of jazz. More recently, Tim has studied with Gene Bertoncini at the Tritone Jazz Camp and with Jimmy Bruno through the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Workshop online program.

In 2008, Tim found out about the The Jazz Workshop at McRae Park in South Minneapolis through Sam Fiske of the "Hot Club of East Lake." It was at the Workshop that he met Ira, Steve, Jeff, OT's former bassist Margo, our late singer Ann and OT's first drummer Ken (we found Garth through Craigslist).